Termites can cause thousands and thousands of dollars in damage to your home in small amounts of time. This fact can make it hard to see termites as the environment sees termites – beneficial and necessary.

U.S. Not Fan of Termites

A lot of U.S. homes and families have to deal with termites. The Subterranean termite species live in every U.S. state – except Alaska. Over 40 species of termites have been found nationwide, and there are 2,700 species of termites all over the world. Though it’s hard to believe, this is actual a positive thing for our environment.

Benefits of Termites

Termites quickly break down fallen trees, and speed up the cycle of natural deterioration because of their love of feasting on cellulose in wood. They are able to quickly clear the forest ground and allow for new growth – new trees that provide homes for other animals. But while this is all beneficial, it’s still hard to see termites in a positive light – especially once you receive the bill for the treatment of your termite infestation. Here’s a closer look at how other cultures view termites – it might just change your perspective.

Changing Your Termite Perspective

Cultures around the world actually value termites. In Singapore, termite queens have come to be considered a delectable food treat, often served live or preserved in rice wine or even dipped in alcohol. When crops and gardens fail to produce enough food, Macu Indians will eat termites.  Some Amazonian cultures believe flu symptoms can be cured by inhaling smoking termite nests. While other cultures in the region boil termites to create a hot, sugar-sweetened soup to cure whooping cough.

Termites in Your Home

Even though termites are beneficial in other cultures, they’re still not good for your home, so you’ll want to contact a pest control specialist if you notice any signs of termites in your home.


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