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Assisted Living Fraud Exposed



Jacksonville, Florida boasts a large draw to senior citizens looking to retire. The city is far enough South to miss the coldest of winter weather and far enough North to still see seasonal changes. Wherever seniors decide to spend their retirement there is bound to be a scam artist or two trying to make an easy buck. Sadly the latest threat to seniors has been the bogus assisted living facilities in Jacksonville.

The most recent of these unlicensed facilities was shut down and condemned after an inspection proved the place was riddled with termites, electrical violations and unsanitary conditions. The senior citizens in residence were moved to other facilities and there are four men involved who could face up to ten years in prison and $5000 to $10,000 in fines.

Assisted Living is a relatively new concept that has helped many people care for their elderly family members. This is not a nursing home, and so the residents are able to carry on their normal daily activities and remain independent. It’s hard to move in with your children, harder still to take care of your aging parents or grandparents. Assisted Living Facilities provide an option that helps families avoid these difficulties. Assisted Living Facilities must be licensed and have a staff capable of helping the senior citizens who require it; usually there is even a nursing home attached for when the seniors need constant care.

Licensed facilities are required to maintain the health of the building as well as the residents. There must be smoke detectors, adequate pest control and the electrical and plumbing systems must be maintained and kept up to code regulations. Many of these facilities keep a full time maintenance staff as well as medical professionals. If you are considering assisted living for yourself or a family member you should check with your local health department for a list of licensed facilities and compare them with the Better Business Bureau for complaints.

Termite control in Arizona is just one of the services offered by pest management professionals. Residential customers should have their termite inspection at least once a year while commercial facilities should be inspected more often. Commercial buildings are especially susceptible to pest control issues because of the number of residents and workers. We often transport insects from one place to another without even knowing it. They may be on our clothes, in our cars and hide in bags or packages brought in from stores or restaurants. Packaging, as controlled as it is, will never be completely free of pests and their eggs. Regular inspections and scheduled pest control are the only way to ensure the health and safety of all residents.

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