Termite Control Glendale, New Termite Info-GraphicTermite Control Glendale: New Termite Control Info-Graphic


The Termite Control Glendale Team is dedicated to making your life easier and your home safe from termite infestations. When I ran across the info-graphic below, I just had to share it. The artist has done a fantastic job at illustrating the problems presented by termites all across the country. The depiction makes clear all of the things that homeowners can do to prevent termites from entering the home. The info-graphic also details the threat that termites pose when left undetected.


The most important part of pest management is prevention. Checking your home for leaks, cracks and openings around pipes is just one of the many ways you can stop the infestation before it starts. Moving wood and debris that attracts insects and rodents is another. The info-graphic is a helpful guide to use as a checklist.


 Termite Control Info-Graphic:

Termite Control Glendale, New Termite Info-Graphic

Arizona Termites specialists are at your disposal for answers to all of you pest management problems. Please contact us for your free termite inspection. Annual inspections are normally done once per year. Termites often swarm in the Spring and early Summer months so it is important to have your termite prevention plan in place. The seasons seem to pass so quickly, and before you know it, the Summer is nearly over.


When you follow a termite control checklist, it is easy to find any gaps in your protection. If you notice any termite activity it is highly recommended that you seek a licensed professional to take care of the termite removal and provide a barrier against further infestations. Licensed individuals can locate damage and nesting spaces that may go undetected. Do It Yourself treatments may backfire if they are not used properly. There are five distinct types of termites that infest homes in North America, and three that are common pests in Arizona. It is not uncommon to find more than one type of termite in an infestation. It’s important to know what type of termites you are dealing with before you decide on the treatment that will be used to eliminate the problem.


Termite Control Glendale has the solution for all of your pest control needs. Remember us when it comes time to inspect your property this Spring and all year round.



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