University of Florida Reports:

Bed Bug Breeding Continues



A recent University of Florida study proved that bed bugs are more of a health risk than was previously believed. Bed bugs have fallen under the category of nuisance pest for many years and were often associated with poor housekeeping and bad habits. The news that the general consensus about bed bugs was wrong comes in the wake of the largest bed bug population explosion in history.

Bed bugs have been on the rise around the globe and that has led to new studies.  The questions asked are why here; why now? Bed bugs were practically a thing of rumor and fairy tale; suddenly they are making headlines. Someone has to notice the Unicorn in the room; where have all these bed bugs come from. The University of Florida has tried to come up with answers; meanwhile entrepreneurs have tried to come up with solutions.

Here’s the low down on the bed bug: they don’t care how clean or dirty your house is, and they don’t care if your bed is made. Bed bugs are like all other insects that survive on blood, they will find it. Fleas and mosquitoes have no trouble surviving all attempts to eradicate them, why should the bed bug be any different?

What scientists have learned is that bed bugs breed even without a source of blood. That means they can continue laying eggs even without a host. It was believed that they would not be able to breed without feeding, they just breed more slowly. The more they feed the more they breed, so a bed bug infestation that has access to a ready supply of blood can breed up to three times as fast. In fifteen weeks there can be enough bed bugs to threaten the health of an adult human.

The main reasons for the new rate of explosion in bed bug populations are simple. 35% of people who have bed bugs do not know it. The bites are painless and often produce no symptoms, not even a red welt like mosquitoes and fleas leave behind. The host families spread the bed bugs by the hitch hiking travel patterns that bed bugs exhibit. They can be spreading by car, bus, taxi and more for fifteen weeks or more before anyone knows that they have bed bugs. Finally, the bed bugs that are turning up are resistant to the main ingredient in over the counter pesticides, pyrethrum. Other insecticides may be ineffective due to a waxy coating on the bed bugs themselves, which means more survive after attempts are made to get rid of them

The new information will help pest management professionals to zero in on bed bug populations and eventually diminish the numbers. If you suspect that you have come in contact with bed bugs, or think you may have them, please call your pest control in Mesa. It has become an epidemic and there is good evidence that part of the problem is self-treatment of the insect once believed to be nothing more than a nuisance pest.


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