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A termite’s main source of nutrition is the cellulose found in wood. But if there are no fallen trees or decaying stumps for a termite to feast on they just might turn to another source for cellulose – the wood found in your home.

Termite Resistance!

Every year termites force thousands of homeowners to spend millions of dollars treating their homes for termite damage. But luckily, there are ways to help in the fight against termites attacking homes.

Pressure Treated Lumber

Specially treated lumber is available. “Pressure-treated lumber” is created with a preservative that makes it resistant to termites. In fact, it’s often required that this type of lumber be used wherever the wood of your home comes into contact with the soil. Often a sealer will be applied to treated lumber if it’s going to be exposed to the weather. This is so water does not wash away the preservative, leaving your home vulnerable.

Borate Products

Borate products can be used for the treatment of wood already being used in a home. Borate products are sprayed or brushed onto the lumber’s surface where it is absorbed, making it toxic to termites that eat it. The product does not affect the strength of the wood, or the appearance. You’ll want a professional to help with the application of borate products as they can be difficult to mix and require special sprayers.

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