Termite Control GlendaleThere are a couple of “do-it-yourself” termite treatments. While these have proven to be helpful for smaller infestations, it’s crucial that you have a termite inspection done in order to ensure the safety of your family and home.

Beneficial Nematodes

Beneficial nematodes are small, unsegmented worms. They are natural parasites to a range of garden pests, including termites. The nematodes search for a host – termite larvae are perfect. They then burrow into them, causing death within 48 hours. They then use the host’s carcass as a place to spawn. These beneficial nematodes can be purchased at a garden supply store or online. Once purchases, you will want to plant them in the early morning or after sunset. UV light harms them.


Termites thrive in darkness, so placing any infested furniture outside, in the heat and light, will potentially kill off any termites.

Boric Acid

Boric acid is another common and effective ways to treat termites and other pests, such as ants. It’s actually the main ingredient in a lot of the store-bought insecticides. Boric acid shuts down a pest’s nervous system while also dehydrating it. Because it is toxic, it should be used as directed, such as in bait stations. You can also coat or spray wood evenly with boric acid and then place the wood near your house, or near an open infestation.

While these methods can be effective for small termite colonies, it’s best if you have a termite inspector take a more detailed look at your home and the damage termites might be causing. They will be able to better asses your homes’ needs.


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