Termites are found all over the world! There are 2,750 separate species around the earth. The largest distribution of termites are in tropical rainforests.

North American Termites

In North America termites, the Zootermopsis species is found as far north as Vancouver, British Columbia. The  Reticulitermes species is found in Maine and eastern Canada. Subterannean, Drywood, and Dampwood termites are termites commonly found throughout the U.S. The most common termites found in Arizona are the Subterranean and Drywood termite species.

European  and Eastern Termites

In Europe, Reticulitermes lucifugus is found at the northern limit of natural distribution – the Atlantic coast of France. A newly introduced species, Reticulitermes flavipes, has been spotted as far north as Hamburg, Germany. The majority of termite distribution is found in the Mediterranean area, and thus, do not occur naturally in Great Britain, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Germany, or northern Russia. When it comes to the Far East, Reticulitermes speratus spans as far north as South Korea, Peking, and northern Japan. Termites are also found in the Cape region of South Africa, Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand.

Transported Termites

Over the years termites have been inadvertently transported around the world by humans – though not directly. This transporting takes place through shipping crates, boat timbers, lumber, as well as furniture. Termites will infest a piece of wood and then that piece of wood will be shipped halfway across the world – quite a long way to travel!! One example of this is Reticulitermes flavipes. This termite is natively from the United States, but it was found in Vienna. It’s believed the termites got to Vienna via wooden containers holding decorative potted plants that had been shipped.


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