Termites, Wildlife and Plain Truth:

Conservation is a Success


I know that I will probably hear about this one, but the truth is that wildlife conservation is a resounding success. There is nothing that can argue with the math when applied by the Wall Street Journal.

As mankind has encroached further into wild territory in the past two centuries, we have hunted some species out of existence. Wolves, coyote, bear, deer, cougars, mountain lions, buffalo and many more once roamed freely and were coexisting before the “west was won.” The food chain was well established and everyone here in North America had what they needed. The forests were safe from mankind and so was the air and water. Then European men expanded to North America and tipped the delicate balance that had been kept at a status quo for millennia.

In the past two hundred years we have chopped down trees and built homes; we’ve killed for food and fur until the forests, water and air were threatened. It seemed as though the former grandeur that was this wild frontier would never bounce back. People step up when they see a problem, however, and now the “bounce back” is costing human lives and property to the tune of $28 billion dollars a year, before adding the $5 billion done by termites. $1.5 billion dollars in damage is done by deer and vehicle crashes alone.

I was among the people who were against hunting a few short years ago. Then I met a hunter who explained the need to thin the herds; wolves and coyotes were once their natural predators but now their numbers have dwindled. Deer become dangerous when there are too many bucks because they are territorial animals who fight for their territory. In other words, Bambi is cute and his mother is beautiful, but his father is dangerous to people and to pets. Animal “birth control” is not a viable option, although PETA and other groups would have us believe that it is. The chemicals are costly and we can’t know what the long term effects would be, there just isn’t enough data.

There will always be people who want to save deer from hunters and rabbits from stews. I’m one of those people, and I admit that. I love squirrels and birds, I even like rats and snakes, but the truth is that these animals do not need saving, not any more. There are still endangered species on the planet, to be sure, but the resurgence of wildlife in North America cannot be ignored.

Termites in Scottsdale are not on the endangered species list and they aren’t any cuter than a deer in the headlights. In spite of the people who would save every insect and animal on the planet, there are no advocates to save our homes from these creatures. Everyone has their place in nature’s balance, but termites in our homes are more than a nuisance, they are a danger.


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