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Termites are one of natures most destructive pests, but none are harder to  control than subterranean termites. These insects are known for their steady destruction of homes that were built to last for years. Roughly 90% to 95% of all termite damage is done by these guys. They live underground above the water table in fascinating galleries that they have built from mud. Their diet is anything that is cellulose based and they are finicky eaters. This does not slow down their voracious appetite, however. They eat the wood that they like, usually spring wood, and leave the rest creating honeycombed webs in their wake. It is because of their eating habits that people may go years without realizing there is a problem.

Very often the wood appears to have just rotted from the inside out. Don’t let this fool you. Just because you don’t see the termites now does not mean they didn’t cause this damage. Termite professionals can tell the difference. If what you’re looking at seems to have very narrow tunnels that look like a maze, it is probably termite damage. Subterranean termites can travel up to fifty yards from their mound before building inroads to your home underneath the foundation. They use the hollow portions in bricks to support their mud tower into the walls. Once inside the walls and crawlspaces a home these creatures can do real damage. They eat twenty four hours a day and only swarm after the colony is too full to keep them all, usually four years.

For Free Termite Inspections in Arizona, it isn’t what you know, it’s who you know. These facts are not just to inform you about termites; they’re to inform you that you know someone in the business. A Free Termite inspection can save you from what you don’t know.




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