Termites Infest a Preschool in Concord



The Concord Monitor reports today that the Preschool is being moved due to termite infestation. This isn’t the first school to be stricken by these pests. The termites were discovered during the installation of an electronic white board for the classroom. Now the preschool students are being moved from the Concord Regional Technical Center’s to Abbot-Downing School.  High School Students have found their own transportation to the new location. No new buses will be needed because of the initiative of the High School students. The school is awaiting estimates on extermination and repair.

This is not the first report of a school making other arrangements because of a termite problem. Schools and churches are especially susceptible to infestations because there is no one in residence to notice any swarm activity. Because of the inactivity of humans, insects think it’s a great place to set up “housekeeping.”

Termite Control Scottsdale is not just about termite removal when an infestation occurs. Termite control is about inspection and then prevention. Termite inspections are a necessity in Arizona, whether for a home, a business a church, or a school. Insurance providers often deny claims for termite damage. It is the owner’s responsibility to protect their property from these pests.

Termite prevention is much easier and far less expensive than treatment and removal of termites after an infestation  occurs. The cost of removal is just one aspect of this expense. Added expenses include loss of the space during extermination, removal and repair of the damage. Some businesses or schools would have to rent an extra space and provide for transportation. Others will simply lose the business they have.

In addition to termite control, regular appointments should be scheduled to prevent other Arizona pests from moving in while you’re not looking.





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