Termites in Winter: These Guys don’t Hibernate



So many animals hibernate in winter; their metabolism slows and they rest. They store food for winter and when they awaken they simply eat and go back to sleep. This is not what termites do.

Termites build their nests deep beneath the ground, above the water table, but below the depth of freezing. Homes across America have central heating systems that protect those termites living under ground. The termites eat twenty-four hours a day, three hundred and sixty-five days a year, and your home is their food.

The homes that they build under the ground hold the heat from all of the activity going on to build more rooms and feed the young as well as the soldiers. The termite never sleeps or rests. The only termite that isn’t in moving is the queen and that is only because her body is so large with eggs that she is a prisoner.

The whole point of this blog is not to scare you or intimidate you, but to educate you. In the world of pest control management there are three things you can be sure of and the first one is that winter is not the time to relax. Insects and rodents often choose the fall to enter people’s homes and set up housekeeping to avoid the elements. Winter is when customers think that they’re safe and don’t need pest control services. It comes from the idea that pests die off in winter or become dormant.

You can get a free termite inspection to set your mind at ease if you have already been without a pest prevention system in the past. Don’t think that waiting until spring is just as good. Virtually every state is coming back with reports of increased pest activity due to a mild winter last year, and heavy rains this year. Termites in Phoenix aren’t going to wait until spring to hunt for their next food store, so why should you?





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