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If humans talk to communicate, then what do termites do? Just like other animals, termites have developed a unique way of communicating to each other and the rest of the nest. Below we take a closer look at the types of communication termites employ.

Good Vibrations

Termites have developed a unique way of informing the rest of the nest of an incoming predator. And it’s actually similar to something you might see a human do at a concert. Head-banging. That’s right! Termites bang their heads against the walls of the colony nest to inform other termites that the nest is under attack. This head-banging creates vibrations that spread throughout the nest. Once one termite feels this, he or she does the exact same type of movement, thus sending the vibration echoing throughout the nest.

Caste System Defense – All in the Legs!

When the warning vibration goes out, solider termites run towards the predator and worker termites run further into the nest to protect the queen. But how do they know which way to run? Scientists have shown that termites are able to detect which leg feels the vibration first. So when the warning vibes go out – the termite is able to determine which leg felt the vibration first. Depending on their caste, they either run towards that leg, or towards the one that felt the vibration last.


Another way termites communicate is through pheromones. An example of this can be seen when new reproductives need to be formed (worker termites can molt into soldier or reproductive termites). The need for new reproductives can occur when kings or queens die. During their lifetime, a king or queen will emit a pheromone that tells the other termites that no new reproductives need to be produced. It actually stops the workers from molting into royalty! This is a way of controlling the caste system in the nest. But when a king or queen dies, that creates a need for new royalty. Once the king or queen dies, there’s also a lowered production of the pheromone. Thus, when the levels of pheromone drop, worker termites are able to molt into new royalty.


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