There are many options for treating termites. These options include:  heat treatment, bait treatment, boric treatment, insecticide treatment, and fumigation. A termite control specialist will need to determine the species of termite that’s in your home, and then determine the best option for you. Here’s a little bit more about the types of treatments used to control termite infestations.


Fumigation is when an certain area is filled with poisonous insecticides in an effort to suffocate or kill the pests. This is the most effective treatment method available, but very hazardous due to the fact that the fumes are poisonous to most life forms, including humans. Fumigation also requires residents to evacuate their home for a period of time, while the house is covered – usually by a tent. It’s not safe for anyone to enter the area.


Insecticide is another option for termite treatment. Toxic insecticide is injected into diseased wood via drilled holes. The holes are then sealed off with caulk – so termites cannot move to other parts of the wood. This treatment usually takes 1 to 6 months to control the colony. But insecticide is poisonous, and can leave residue on carpets, walls, and panels for many years.


Baits are edible pellets that are placed around the house. But while edible, they contain toxins to termites. Worker termites consume the bait and then and share it with the rest of the colony. This can take a while because some termite colonies contain millions of termites. 

Boric treatment and Heat Treatment

With boric treatment, boric acid is dissolved in water and  is painted onto affected areas. With heat treatment, small microwave beams are fired towards affected areas for 2-3 minute increments. Termites are killed within 1-3 days. This is really only effective for small termite populations. Termites can also be killed with electricity – ray guns that are fired at effected areas. This can work on termite nests in order to destroy colonies. 

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