Termite Tips:

Common Sense Prevents Arizona Pests



Termites are just one of the many Arizona pests that can be controlled by following a few common sense tips. Prevention is the best protection; so many pest management professionals take a proactive approach, educating home owners. To protect against an insect invasion, there are steps you can take that have long term affects by working within the food chain.

Termites are attracted to moist or damp and decomposing plant materials. Keeping your yard clear of debris, wood piles and landscaping 18” to 24” from the foundation of your home is one step towards keeping termites away. Termites attract other pests such as ants that prey on them. Scorpions are attracted to many of those insects for food; if there is no colony to feed on, then you could be clear of these Arizona pests as well.

Water leaks keep the ground around your home, or wood inside your home damp is another problem. Arizona is such an arid state that many pests have developed an uncanny knack for locating water sources. Where there is water and an easy meal, the smaller insects will come and the larger predators will follow. Fix water leaks promptly; if you are not sure if you have a leak you can check. Make sure that all of the taps in the house are closed and then look at the water meter. If the meter is moving, you have a leak. You can also turn the water off at the source, and then drain the cold lines. Be sure you do not run any hot water. Then turn the water back on and listen to the pipe. If you hear water, there is a leak. Plumbers are quick at tracing leaks and the repair could save you thousands in water costs and other damages.

Finally remember that insects are attracted to light. Scorpions that prey on insects will also be attracted to light. Make sure that you use outdoor lighting that does not attract insects. Creating a pesticide barrier is another way to avoid predacious pests. Since there are no insects for food, the scorpions and spiders may move on to other territory.

Termites in Chandler that are detected during a home inspection may have already done years’ worth of damage before being noticed. Prevention is always the most cost effective form of protection from damaging and dangerous pests. To prevent termite damage home owners should have a termite inspection at least once a year. Ask your local pest management professionals about a free termite inspection.



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