Termite Tents: Burglars get Fumigated:

Fair Warning To Human Pests



Monday morning in Kailua: The pest control management team who came to remove a termite fumigation tent found evidence of a break in and called the Honolulu Police Department. The tent had been sliced and it appeared that burglars might still be inside the home because there were personal items outside and the house had been ransacked.

The Swat team arrived and cordoned off the home while neighborhood homeowners were warned to stay where they were for their own safety. No traffic was allowed to leave and people could not come home. The lock down went on for nine hours while the home and neighborhood were under investigation. Somehow the burglars evaded the police. Even as the tent was removed there was a possibility that they were hiding inside.

This isn’t the first time a home has been broken into while under the fumigation tent. There have been recent reports of a Miami home that was burglarized, among others. In Hawaii, however, the there was a prior burglary in 2011 where the two suspects had to be transported to the hospital and one of them had to be dragged from the home by rescue personnel.

In the pest management industry fumigation is usually a last resort in very extreme cases of infestation. The chemicals that are used during the fumigation remain in the home under that tent and any burglar that does go in is entering at their own peril. This is nothing like the “bug bombs” that you can buy at your local grocery store; if it was there would be no tented fumigation. The poison is deadly, that’s why it’s being used. Those carnival colors are not meant as an invitation, but to serve as a warning.

As one homeowner said it takes a really desperate individual to attempt a burglary under the tent; the perpetrators expect the tent to hide them and give them more time to find something of value. Let this stand as a warning to any burglars, it’s not worth the risk. To homeowners I offer that these burglaries are few and far between because most people realize that entering the tent means taking their own lives into their hands.

The specialists who provide your termite treatment in Mesa can tell you exactly what pest control measures are necessary to keep your home safe. Fumigation is an extreme measure that is only used in the worst of cases or sometimes when a home is being sold. It is recommended that valuables such as cash or jewelry should be taken along with the homeowner. This is an added precaution, not because your termite treatment technician can’t be trusted but because there are a few idiots out there who will risk their lives by going into a tented home.



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