Termite Statistics:

Knowledge to Help You Decide it’s Time to Protect Your Home

According to recent statistics you can find termites in 70% of the world, which means they are covering as much of the earth as water, except their coverage is all on dry land. Like cockroaches, termites can survive all sorts of climactic changes and have been around a lot longer than we have. Termites can enter your home through a space about the same thickness as paper. Termites cause over two and a half billion dollars’ worth of damage and invade over one and a half million homes; that’s in North America alone, not worldwide.

Once a termite colony infests your home they focus on two things, eating and breeding. Termite colonies continue to eat and breed for four years, often undetected, before they swarm and expand their territory. When homeowners see the dead termites lying on their windowsill, they often think they have dodged a bullet. The truth is that many of the termites die during the swarm, but not all of them. It only takes one female to start a new colony in a different part of your home, or in the homes of your neighbors. Once that new colony has started you may go another four years before seeing anything. That’s eight years these creatures may have before you actually think you have a problem.

Termite inspections in Chandler are conducted by qualified technicians who can provide you with a plan of action to protect your home before your home joins the statistics. Having these facts may be the one thing that makes you sit up and take notice, before you see evidence of termite infestation. You owe it to yourself and your family to have termite protection on your home, before the damage is done.





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