Termite Inspection:

What are the Dangers of Infestation?


I do hate writing about termite tragedies but such is the life of a blogger. There will invariably be news of a disaster that could have been avoided if the owners had been diligent in termite protection. I read one a couple of weeks ago that I didn’t post because it was too hard to look at. A family purchased a beautiful home for over a half a million dollars. There was gorgeous exposed wood in the rafters, high ceilings, and lovely finished beams running up the high white walls of the dining room. The pictures were beautiful and the thought of the termite damage sickening.

The homeowners had already moved in before they found out about the termites. Imagine spending so much money for a home; imagine working so hard and being able to afford such a home. The reason I didn’t write about it was because I would think that anyone who could afford this home would have done their homework.

Never buy a home without first having a termite inspection and reading the results of that inspection carefully. Do not be taken in by the words “no live termites” because those words do not mean there is no damage. If there is any doubt in your mind you can have an inspection done too. Most of the time the seller provides the termite inspection and the buyer has a home inspection. These can be very different as the home inspector may not be looking for termites or termite damage.

Ask Questions! This is probably the most important investment you will make in your lifetime. You have the right to answers before your sign on the dotted line! Get the facts about whether your home is protected by any termite warranty or bond. Be sure that you read the bond correctly. There was an interesting case of homeowners fighting with the warranty company because they never found “live termites” during an inspection. The home owners won, but that doesn’t mean the company has always made good on their warranty. This could be the first time they were taken to court over the document.

Your initial termite inspection in Tempe may be free, so call and find out. There’s no obligation for the call and no obligation after the inspection. No one is going to pressure you to do what’s right for your home and your family. It doesn’t cost a thing to find out what your options are and the best plan of action for you.




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