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Unpopular Decisions: Laguna Beach Tree Removal

Termite control is definitely not pretty, as any licensed termite control specialist in Mesa, Arizona can tell you. It involves facing pests that would make a good villain in a scary movie. The reason people are afraid of termites is often because they’ve seen pictures of them. Trees on the other hand are pretty and none more beautiful than the beloved Eucalyptus trees in Laguna Beach, California that must be removed.

The residents are blaming the power lines for their sad farewell to these trees but the real culprit is termites. The trees have grown in the area for 60 years, so many of the residents grew up around them. Some people chose to live in Bluebird Canyon because of the beautiful trees. At least eleven of the eucalyptus trees and 11 other trees will have to go because of rot, termites, and drought conditions that have weakened the ground under these heavy trees as well as the trees themselves. Termites have been found in at least two of the trees and that begs the question, why would anyone fight the tree removal?

Your property and your neighborhood may contain many trees that were there before you moved in and even before you were born. It’s not uncommon for old trees to become a stomping ground for Drywood termites. If you see signs of rot in any of your trees, that could mean a termite infestation. Subterranean termites will sometimes infest these trees as well and cause them to rot from the roots up. You need to have a thorough termite inspection of your home and your property which can only be provided by a qualified professional. Termite inspections from Termite Control Arizona are free. If there is anything to cause you to suspect termite activity then you should call right away. Arizona residents should have a termite inspection every year, whether you think you need it or not.




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