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Purchasing a home is one of those investments that should count as a lifetime investment. People all over the world make huge lifetime investments for their education, transportation and housing. These are sort of the big three investments; forget the stock market. Any investment in your future requires due diligence. Choosing a University often means checking several sources to decide which University is the best investment for your education loans. Choosing a home should follow the same diligence.

The current trend in home buying is to look for short sales; the price is right and so the buyer is drawn in. This could mean a disaster if the home has termite damage. Before a home can be sold it must normally pass a termite inspection and a home inspection; short sales often forego the termite inspection unless the home inspection finds termite damage. The buyer must be aware that some termite evidence will only be noticed by a termite inspector. Home inspectors are only looking at whether the home is worth the price.

So, you must wonder how you are going to buy a house on a short sale, and still be guaranteed you haven’t lucked into a disaster waiting to happen. The way you can cover all of your bases is to hire an engineer to do the inspection. Engineers look for structural damage which may not show in a cursory inspection, and may be an unknown variable with a termite inspection. Termite inspections are looking for termite activity, but the extent of termite damage is hard to tell without and engineer.

Make sure that you do your homework and treat your home purchase as a major investment in your future. Even if you plan to sell your home in a few years, or rent it out, you won’t be able to do either if you have bought the wrong property. Take your time and make sure that the home will retain its value after purchase.

Pest control in Mesa offers a free termite inspection to homeowners; there is a charge if the inspection is for the sale of a home. Homeowners should have Arizona homes inspected at least once a year, but many areas recommend twice per year. Pest control management is not limited to termite treatment but covers all types of damaging and disease carrying pests.




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