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The Termite Control Glendale blog team is always on the look out for interesting stories for our readers. Today’s story comes to us from Etienne Dubuis of LE TEMPS/Worldcrunch  and a piece entitled “OPERATION OWL.” 


Owls have been used for organic pest management throughout the ages. Owls have been used as pets and aids to hunters. Barn Owls were often cultivated on farms to control rodents and keep the pests out of the animal feed and tackle. While the creatures may not actually bring peace to any countries. they can save harvests if they are used properly. By cultivating a couple of breeding pairs of Owls, many farmers from all over the world would be free from the rodents that dig up the seeds and tender roots of a new crop. The resulting harvests, now larger, would feed more mouths and also bring in more money when sold in the open market. One of the worst problems in the world is hunger, and wars are fought over less than this.


The article goes on to discuss the fact that some cultures consider certain birds or owls a bad omen or a sign of bad luck. The superstitions are often all that lies between different cultures sharing a common border. If the superstitions are laid to rest and the hunger is as well, then there might be peace, after all.


Termite Control Gilbert doesn’t have owls to rid your property of rodents, but our pest management professionals do have the proper skills and training. Our licensed pest control team is ready to tackle anything from the smallest bed bug to the largest rodent, so contact us for your pest control needs.


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