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The Termite Control Glendale team is often saddened by the news of termite destruction in older buildings. The 86 year old ‘Our Lady of Guadalupe’ Church in Mission, Texas is no exception to that rule. The story comes to us from Gail Burkhardt of The Monitor on February 10th, 2013.


The Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Mission, Texas has been serving the community since it was first built in 1899, as a daughter Church of the La Lomita Mission. As I researched the rich history of these churches I found enough pictures and stories to create a book. Let’s start with the pictures:


 Our Lady Of Guadalupe Church, Mission, Texas, 1911-2013


The first picture is a historical photo on the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church lot,  from 1911. The La Lomita Mission was built in 1865 and rebuilt at least twice, was a meeting spot for the “Padres on Horseback” traveling to Roma from Brownsville. The Mission still stands but was moved to its present location near The Rio Grand River, in 1899.


Historical and Cultural Landmarks, Mission, Texas

“The Our Lady of Guadalupe Church is one of the oldest landmarks in Mission dating back to 1899. This historic church is manned by the priests of the Oblate of Mary Immaculate Order and was nearly destroyed in a fire in 1925. It was rebuilt in 1926, and Our Lady of Guadalupe Church offers daily mass services to date.”


The rest of the pictures speak for themselves. The priests on horseback in front of the church was taken for the Citrus Fiesta Parade of Oranges in Mission, Texas. The crane that would remove the termite infested dome stands in the background.


The parishioners of the church had raised 2 Million dollars for the expansion of the historical building, but when construction began there was a problem. The company soon learned that the beautiful dome that looked great at a distance was rotting and infested with termites. When the dome was removed in January, members of the church began to post their memories on Facebook. They all hoped the dome could be saved and restored, but it was not to be. The new dome will be made of fiberglass so that termites will not be a problem again.


Termites infest older buildings because the wood is generally unprotected. New construction uses treated wood that is resistant to termites. All buildings that are fifty years old or more are susceptible to the kind of destruction the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church is facing.


Recent advances in building materials has produced coatings, chemicals and even powders that can be integrated into older buildings as they undergo reconstruction. One such advance is a silica based powder made using the same chemicals that are in the gel pack included with most electronics. This powder, once it gets on the body of a termite, can kill that insect within two hours. Coated wood is another option that comes in both termite and fire resistant coatings.


The one thing that was missing in all of the years since the fire destroyed the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in 1925 was an annual termite inspection. Since the new sanctuary was built of brick and mortar, the wood portions of the structure must have seemed safe.


The experts at Termite Control Chandler has seen this sort of problem many times. Homeowners believe that the type or age of their construction has made their home safe from the threat of termites. The reality is that termites eat anything that is cellulose or plant based. They will eat through book cases and the books themselves. One homeowner found a mud tube inside her home, climbing the back of her book case. The termites cane through a small crack in the brick of her home near the foundation.


Termite Control Glendale is not here to scare you but to offer a solution to help you return to the termite free state. The first step is a free termite inspection to identify where your home is vulnerable to invading pests. Small cracks are an invitation to many Arizona pests. Once the inspection is done, you will receive a report detailing the necessary steps to keep your home safe from termites and the destruction they can cause. Contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about Arizona pests and the damage they can cause to your home.



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