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The Termite Control Glendale blog is always on the lookout for pest control news to share with our readers. Today’s story of Bats going to Cosmetology School comes from Longview, Texas. The school closed temporarily when two bats showed up and didn’t want to leave. It was time to call pest control professionals in to deal with the new classmates.


The bats had taken up residence in the attic of the Kilgore College Longview, Bats at collegeCosmetology Building through small holes that will be filled in once the bat population has been removed. The pest control professionals recommended the installation of bright lights in the attic to encourage the bats to roost elsewhere.


The small bats can be beneficial because they eat flying insects such as mosquitoes and flies. The college is using this opportunity to educate students on the misconceptions and fears associated with bats. One of those misconceptions is that they carry rabies or attack people, which bats really do not do. They use echo location to find their prey and can become confused in areas that are filled with sounds, which could lead to a human/bat collision, but those interactions are not intentional.


Another misconception is the size of the space needed for a bat to get into an attic or crawlspace. They can fit through a hole 3/8 of an inch in diameter which is really very small in comparison to the perceived size of the bat.


Termite Control Scottsdale offers a free termite inspection which would have identified the small cracks and holes in the older building which gave the bats access to the cosmetology school. Filling cracks, crevices and holes is just one of the ways homeowners and businesses can prevent pest populations from entering a building. Make sure you do an annual check for the cracks that come from age and weather, as well as the seals around windows, doors and pipes that enter the building.


The pest management professionals at Termite Control Glendale will be happy to answer any questions you may have on tips and tricks to keep your home safe and pest free, all year round. It all starts with a termite inspection and a plan of pest protection.



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