Termite Control and Holiday Gifts: The Twisting Path


My termite news research has led me down a twisting path today. I hope my readers enjoy the journey. I recently started blogging about termite and pest control which has been a learning experience in itself. Each day I find interesting facts that I never would have found otherwise. Today I bring the path to you that may  open your eyes to the twisting paths in your life. Please forgive the multiple links, I just want anyone who is interested to be able to follow the path I have found before me today.

The idea is a simple one; make the insect world and pest control an understandable concept for children. Kids see characters in books and movies that are caricatures of the pests that their parents intend to eradicate. It can be very confusing and that’s where Pest World For Kids comes in; the website offers free games and videos, science projects and more. The website explains the difference between insects in nature and pests in our homes; doing so without talking down to the child is an important feature. The site also offers a free e-book called “The Pest Detectives” and I click the link and my path twists. Around the bend I meet the author of the book, Susan Carraretto who is herself a professional blogger. Hey, I want to be a professional blogger and an author. So I click the link to her website: 5MinutesforMom.com. I have always believed the world would be a better place if people took a few minutes for themselves now and then so the site intrigues me… Yes, my path has turned.

There I find today’s blog on the life of Susan Carraretto and guess what; she is talking about how her path also twists and turns. The story book that I planned on writing about, the super affordable holiday gift (99 cent e-book download or free PDF version) that I recommend has brought yet another twist.

The National Pest Management Association published her children’s book and gave her $10,000 to give to her favorite charity. That charity is Reece’s Rainbow, which allows families to adopt children with Down Syndrome from overseas.   What a magnificent twist in the life of a struggling mom who has been making ends meet by blogging and starting on line stores. I encourage everyone who would like to know the whole story to follow the twisting path I have. You might be surprised where it takes you.

Mine took me to some great “free” holiday gift tags you can make at home; this is a project that can be done with small children. I highly recommend checking the website out as your path twists and turns. There are many holiday ideas as well as tips to save water, go green, and save money.

In the book The Pest Detectives, a little girl joins her father who is a pest management profession, on a quest to solve a pest dilemma. The path twists and turns until the puzzle is solved. It’s a great way to familiarize children with a variety of insects and help them understand why those insects are not welcome in our homes.

If you have trouble with pests in your Arizona home, you can contact your own pest detectives. Termites in Tempe can be a real problem at any time of the year. These insects never sleep and their activity doesn’t slow down in winter as other insects do; termites build advanced systems to keep their nests warm. The initial termite inspection is free; you might be surprised when you see the twisting turning path that pests take to enter your home. It’s important to know where they are, but it’s also important to know where they come from and where they go. Your free termite inspection can answer those questions and solve the puzzle of pests troubling your Arizona home.





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