Termite Companies Report:

Increased Revenue May Be a Trend



The reports for October 2012 say that employment is up and so is consumer spending. It’s getting better in every industry with pest control companies hiring new help all over the country. The increase in pest populations are attributed to last year’s mild winter and this year’s rains along with a hot summer. All things considered it should come as no surprise that PCT online is reporting increased revenue for pest control companies.

The way that our economy seems to work is that when people are not making money they cut back on essentials, even clothing and pest control. This economic downturn that has been making a slow recovery could also attribute to the growth of pests in all of our cities. When pests are not managed, their populations will explode. When homes become empty the pests invade and take over. When the homes are ready to go on the market again, they’re cleaned and the pests are forced to leave and go somewhere else.

A bad economy is synonymous with disease and pest population growth. A good economy is synonymous with manicured lawns, an increased use of service industries and a decrease in disease and pests. We have reached a turning point we read about disease and pest problems every day. This increases spending in the fields of pest control and health services. When those areas show an increase in spending, they also start hiring, spurring on the new economic growth. The rebound of the housing market and this new report of increased revenue in the pest control industry is just a sign that our economy is well on its way to a real recovery and not just another small bounce.

Your local pest control management technicians are available for termite control in Scottsdale as well as all of your other pest management needs. Technology is changing for the better and the economy is growing right along with it. The sign that it’s time for your free termite inspection is in the news every day.






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