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The southwest is well-known for having problems with termites, so you can imagine that Arizona might just be one of their favorite states. Termites love dry climate, so Glendale is just the spot for these wood-destroying insects.

A Termite’s Route

Termites make their way through your home by burrowing up from the ground. They start under a home, usually around the foundation, and then form tunnels all the way up the timbers, beams, and insides of the walls into your home. They seemingly know just which route to take to get to your precious indoor furniture and keepsakes, as if they know just exactly what they want to destroy.

Termite Barrier Treatment

There are multiple treatments. One such treatment is a barrier treatment. During this process a Pest Control Specialist drills holes around the entire concrete base of the outside foundation of the house. These holes are about a foot apart from each other. They will then inject pesticide through through a tube into the soil beneath the concrete slab.  The Pest Control Specialist will then also make trenches a few feet away from around the entire house. Those trenches will also be filled with pesticide.

Termite Treatment Protection Plan

It is advised that you take out an extended protection plan. This will cover you for every year for the first few years after the barrier treatment is done. Under the protection plan a Pest Control Specialist will visit your house once every year to ensure  you haven’t had a recurrence of termites. If you have had the treatment done and you see signs of a reoccurrence you can have another treatment done, free of charge because it is covered under the plan. You can lose your home to termite damage, so you’ll want to ensure that you have the best treatment possible.

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