Prisoners Get a Jail Break:

Bed Bugs Negotiate Work Release


York County prison has an outbreak instead of a breakout. Bed bugs have made their way in and the only thing that could be done was to put the residents on work release for seventy-two hours while the bed bugs were eradicated.

It seems that at a seminar on pest control held two years ago, a local professional recalls hearing “the tidal wave is coming.” B. J. Riley recalled that statement as he wonders if that tidal wave is here now. The pests being discussed were bed bugs and this year they are being reported in record numbers, keeping the pest management professional very busy.

This has been going on all over the country even though these pests were little more than a rumor in the seventies and eighties. The influx may have come from overseas where bed bugs have always been a problem. The more the planet shrinks with trade and travel, the more we see invasive pests showing up in record numbers.

The bed bug is believed to be one of those invasive pests because there are no known predators and these insects will dine on the blood of humans and animals alike. They don’t care if you are rich or poor and have been found in the finest hotels. No one knows how they made their way into the prison.

Normally, because it is a prison, there aren’t any personal belongings where the pests might hide. The problem with bed bugs is that they will cling to anything to hitch a ride and that’s how they end up in movie theaters as well as police cars and fire trucks.

Your pest control professionals in Arizona are well equipped to deal with these and other pests. Termite treatments in Chandler are more common than bed bugs and perhaps thankfully so. Hopefully the tide will turn and the bed bugs will stay away from our homes. In the meantime your local professionals are prepared with all of the latest treatments for whatever pests you encounter in your home or back yard.



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