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Some species of trees, including redwood, cedar, and cypress trees have built up a natural resistance to termites. Because of this they are often used in building projects. But another thing that scientists have discovered through study is that in some ecosystems a balance has been reached between the growth of plants and termites.

Termite as Beneficial Pests

While termites are never seen as beneficial to your home, they actually are beneficial to the environment. They help break down old plant matter so that new plants can grow. But what stops termites from eating everything? There actually are some plants that have built up natural defenses against the termite.

Anti-Feedant Chemicals

Plants that are able to survive termites do so because they secrete an anti-feedant chemical from woody cell walls. This chemical comes in various forms such as oils, resins, and lignins. These anti-feedant chemicals reduce a termites’ ability (and the protozoa that live in termites’ hindguts) to efficiently digest the cellulose found in those plants.

Australia’s Termite Control

Australia has developed a product called “Blockaid.”  This product is a commercial termite treatment that utilizes a range of various plant extracts and can be painted on to barriers for buildings. Using a natural termite repellent helps control the termites, as well as protect the buildings that the treatment is applied to.

Contact a termite control professional in your area if you are dealing with termites. While you can’t teach your home to naturally repel termites, you can do something to kill off the colony that has made its home in your walls. A professional will be able to advise you on the best steps for controlling the infestation.


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