Pests Take Flight in Fiji:

The Case for Government Pest Control


In Fiji the Asian Termite has over run properties to the point of Government Agencies taking control. The officials in Fiji that oversee the eradication of pests in the area homes are also responsible for rebuilding. Many homeowners, because of imposed fines, are now terrified of termite infestation. The Asian termite is not endemic to the region but has taken over homes, schools and businesses since importers brought them over on ships. After fifteen years of fighting alone, the Government appointed an agency and gave them a budget for containment of the voracious insects.

Now it’s mating season for termites in Fiji and that means swarms in area towns. The announcement warning the residents tells them not to panic when they see swarmers. The recommendations are to keep doors and windows closed. The government has also made another recommendation, however: controlled fires at a safe distance from the homes. Officials say that the fire may attract the swarms and the termites will burn themselves up in the flames.

It is an unusual request because we all know that fires near residences are a bad idea, but I began to wonder if that’s part of the reason termites are on the rise in such high numbers all over the world. I remember when I was a child and had never heard of termites, we had neighbors that started a backyard fire every night. This wasn’t confined to my neighborhood either. Roasting marshmallows was not confined to public parks and campgrounds. I wonder if the fact that we have so many pest problems in this country is because we have changed our behaviors.

Evenings in the US are usually spent at work or in front of the television and computer screens. That may not be true in rural areas, but it is true in residential neighborhoods across the country. Barbecues are reserved for the weekends, and many states have rules against burning leaves and yard waste, something that was commonplace in that bygone era of my childhood.

Pest control in Phoenix is more safely left to professionals than to fires, I know. Free termite inspections are offered to make sure that our termite troubles never reach the proportion that requires government control. I commend Fiji officials for taking action and creating a budget for that action. Create a place in your budget for regular ongoing pest control and protect your home and property from the pest population explosion.

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