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When some students got sick after eating lunch in a Chicago school last Wednesday it turned out to be something in the food: Rat droppings. According to ABC7 news the school immediately took action and closed the High School lunch room and the food was inspected. One student said they sent out a letter stating that if any students felt sick they should tell their parents to take them to the hospital.

The culprit was nachos but I can’t imagine how the parents must feel, let alone the students who ate the tainted food. Think for a moment how you would feel if it happened to your child at their school. This is a huge health concern that must be addressed.

I’ve worked in large buildings where these things can happen and I’ve worked with health inspectors who watch for tell-tale signs that standards are not being met. Many people dread the coming of the county health inspector but I always welcomed it. These individuals are trained to notice any health infractions and educate the food service provider on these issues. Cleanliness is not the only thing a health inspector will look for. They will also notice how far dumpsters are from doors. The inspector will walk around outside to look for possible points of entry or if there are any changes since the last visit. This is why it’s important to have regular inspections, preferably by the same inspector.

Pest control in our schools and public areas is a health and safety issue. If we can’t feel that our children will be safe when they are at school or recreation then where will they be safe? It can drive a parent to severe anxiety.

Become involved with your child’s school and look around when you’re there. Ask questions if you see anything that looks unsafe or even if you have a gut feeling. Sometimes a second pair of eyes is needed to prevent problems. Don’t expect that your child’s teacher or principle to notice if something is different or wrong; they are busy educating our kids. They’re not health inspectors or pest control specialists. Get involved and ask the hard questions. It’s well within your rights to bring up pest control standards with your school board.

Do what you can to prevent pests in your own home. Getting your free termite inspection in Arizona is one way to increase awareness in your neighborhood and your family. Change the way our children look at pests by leading with your example. Ignoring pests won’t keep them away, taking action will.


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