Pest Control: World’s Smallest Insect:

Tanzanian Parasitic Wasp



Parasitic wasp landed on a cabbage white butterfly. Hint: Look below the eye. (Credit: Nina Fatouros)

The Tanzanian Parasitic Wasp is the smallest known insect, smaller than the eye of a common house fly. Parasitic wasps lay their eggs in the bodies of host insects. The hatching larva is born to a free live buffet. The Tanzanian Parasitic wasp could be part of the future of pest control, if scientists can figure out a way to breed them in captivity. So far, the Tanzanian Parasitic Wasp has not been able to survive.

The interesting thing about the parasitic wasp, aside from its size is its clumsiness. Looking at these creatures, now captured on high speed film, leaves one wondering how they have survived at all. As small as the parasitic wasp is, its wings are barely big enough to get the insect off the ground. When they fly, they often leap and tumble through the air, landing on their faces most of the time.

If entomologists can cultivate these small creatures, they could become a great asset in biological pest control. Many species of parasitic wasps have come to the aid of agriculture because of their diminutive size and their ability to reduce pest populations. The problem is that some parasitic wasps are too big to be interested in the smallest prey. The Tanzanian Parasitic wasp could be cultivated to prey on the smaller insects and be the future of pest control. The photo shows a parasitic wasp weighing approximately 1/40000th of a gram; the Tanzanian Parasitic wasp is about 3 times smaller and next to impossible to photograph.

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