Pest Control News: Marsh Rats On the Move


South Carolina homeowners are being forced to contend with marsh rats in the wake of heavy rains and high tides. The marsh rat normally builds its nest in swampy areas but as the waters rise the rats seek new habitats and end up in the yards of homeowners adjacent to the flooded habitat.

Pest control companies are receiving calls daily as South Carolina homeowners fear the rodents may move in completely and get into their homes. The marsh rat is possibly the only true North American rat. Their habitat has dwindled as marshes were filled in and homes built. Now the rodents seem to be trying to reclaim old territory. They build nests in the ground to raise their young, and like any other rodent, are very prolific.

Marsh rats were first discovered in North America in 1816 and range from New Jersey to the Florida Keys, and as far west as Kansas. The marsh rat is suspected to have been present in North America for at least three hundred thousand years. They generally dine on wild marsh grasses and marsh rice. The species are prone to  lice, fleas, ticks and other parasites which could pose a threat when transferred to humans.

South Carolina reports to being free of Hantavirus in recent years but homeowners are afraid that may change if the Marsh rats aren’t controlled. Some pest control companies have responded to more than fifty marsh rat calls a week. As the weather grows colder the rodents are looking for a warm home for the winter. The combination of an unseasonably warm winter last year and heavy rains this year has the rodent population seeing a 19% growth over past years. Natural predators such as barn owls are not sufficient to keep the marsh rat population in check.

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