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Hurricane Sandy: Where are the Rodents?


In the wake of the violent storm that battered the eastern seaboard and caused everything from record snows to record tides, one question is as yet unanswered. Where are the rodents now? Storms generally have two major effects; the first is the massive destruction of property and loss of life. Hurricane Sandy caused her fair share of both. Now that the waters are beginning to recede the second problem comes into play. Rodents have a knack for surviving floods. The amount of destruction in New York City and New Jersey will take a long time to clean up. In the meantime there are a lot of rodents living in every city; the flooding in the subways and sub systems will have moved a large population of rats. The parks would have housed mice, chipmunks and squirrels. Those small animals will have been displaced, just as the human residents have been.

Rats can swim and climb. All of the damaged buildings are potential shelter for the rodents and rats are notoriously self-preserving. Many homes and apartments were empty during the evacuation, so when the power comes on and people return to the homes that are still livable, they may find unwanted houseguests. Once rodents find a warm place to stay during winter it is very hard to get rid of them. Human contact with rodents often results in disease; the fleas hang on quite well when wet.

In the aftermath of other storms the residents faced an increase in rodent and insect populations the following spring. The biting cold in the northeast may have helped, but even though the many houses were destroyed, the havens that contain the pest populations may have simply moved. It may be months before we know exactly how the storm will affect the pest population.

Thankfully floods are rare in Arizona, and we don’t have to worry about hurricanes. Pest control in Scottsdale, however, requires diligence. Arizona is home to some pretty interesting pests, and some, like the scorpions, can breed just as fast as the rats in New York City.

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