Pest Control News: Health Hazards of Arizona Pests



Pest control is often maligned in the news because of the effects of toxic chemicals used in pesticides but what they don’t tell you is the dangers posed by the pests themselves. Responsible pest management uses integrated pest control which means that chemicals are only used when they are necessary. I read a blog today about a woman who wanted to break her lease because of monthly pest control carried out on the property. She fears that the spraying may harm her health, but the truth is that a lack of pest control poses a much greater threat.

Arizona is the home of a variety of pests; the bark scorpion, fire ants, rodents, mosquitoes and cockroaches are just a few of the pests that can be harmful to your health. Fire ants are non-discriminating biters. They taste with their feet and humans “taste” like food, so they bite in an attempt to tear off bits of food to take back to their nests. The bite of one fire ant usually won’t harm you, unless you are allergic to other types of stings. The problem is that there are usually multiple bites. Fire ants receive and send signals and they bite signal can mean a hundred ants biting all at once. I have experienced them numerous times, first hand. It is not pleasant; for people who are allergic the bites can be life threatening.

The bark scorpion is poisonous to humans and while a single sting may not be fatal, these creatures are not solitary like some scorpions. They colonize trees and wood piles and can easily get into homes if there are trees nearby. The best bet is to make sure that they don’t get into your home in the first place; make sure there are no branches hanging over your roof and that your roof is in good repair. These pests are most often found in attics and basements. They are the only scorpion that actually climbs trees.

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests in North America, and they are also one of the most common allergens. Children who are exposed to cockroach infestations have a much higher risk of developing asthma. The investigations into why that is are ongoing, but the most common accepted cause is their fecal matter. All insect and rodent feces contain a certain amount of toxic chemicals. While you may not see it or smell it, these chemicals can affect your respiratory system, just as any other chemical. Cockroaches and rodents often live inside walls and the damage and fecal matter may go unseen for years, adding to the problem. Hantavirus is spread by coming in contact with rodent excrement.

Apartment complexes and condos attempt to place more people on a smaller piece of real estate by placing the homes on top of one another. There is an increased amount of garbage and sewage which will also increase the ambient pest population. Pests thrive where there is ample water, food and shelter. Responsible pest management requires constant vigilance, especially where there are more people, as in apartments and condos.

After reading the blog about the woman who wanted to break her lease, I really thought about the places I have lived and the type of pest control used there. I am happy to say that I have never had a problem with cockroaches or rodents, but I had neighbors who did. If you do nothing to keep them out, they will come in; that’s just a plain fact. Pest control in Tempe is a simple matter of following the three step process: Detection, removal, and protection. Prevention is always the best course of pest control management; prevention starts with an inspection. Don’t wait until you see a problem; stop the problem before it exists. It’s much easier to close the door before the pests come in than after they are established.



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