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BASF Introduces New Ant Bait



This is great news for Almond growers in California but will ultimately help people with ants everywhere. The initial launch of Altrevin, announced by the North Carolina branch of BASF is geared towards the fruit and nut growers who take the worst hit from ants each year.

The new chemical was registered too late for most uses in California this year but some samples have been released to some pest control advisers in Northern California according to Vicki Boyd of The Grower. California Almond growers have the worst problem with fire ants that feed on the nuts as they are drying on the ground. This can severely damage the value of an almond crop and the growers try to avoid the problem with ant bait but that can cause additional problems. If the bait is spread too soon the ants may come back; too late and you have to wait to “shake down” the trees because of the bait on the ground.

Altrevin can be spread over a narrower interval because the chemical breaks down more quickly; it also kills the ants more quickly and completely. The bait is unique in the way that it’s spread with a small spreader attached to an all-terrain vehicle. The chemical is mixed with corn grits and soybean oil and is particularly attractive to ants that prefer protein over sugar. The common fire ant is one of the targets of this bait; the workers take the material back to the colony where it gets eaten and kills. Other bait systems may take up to six or eight weeks to work and really control the population rather than eliminating ants. Altrevin can be spread a second time if desired results are not achieved and this could mean a much greater yield for Almond growers.

It will be interesting to see where Altrevin is headed in the future. If there is a home application that could be used in the southern states plagued by fire ants that would be a huge plus on a residential scale.

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