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The Gifts that Keep on Giving

The holidays are the time of year when people spend more time thinking about gifts and agonizing over the perfect gift than at any other time of the year. Wouldn’t it be great to know in July and buy the gifts then, when prices are lower, or the tax free weekend is on because of school supplies? Unfortunately our gifting bug doesn’t arrive until we see the wide variety of items that come out just before the holidays.

Some gifts keep on giving; useful things such as an outdoor grill, power tools, household appliances and electronics are gifts that keep on giving. Magazine subscriptions, book of the month club and other entertainment choices can fall into the perpetual gift category too. You can find many of these long term gifts on line or you can come up with your own.

I had a neighbor who used to give her husband a year’s worth of lawn service. He was so proud of how green his lawn was; they came by each month and cut the lawn, treating it for pests and weeds three times per year. It was the most beautiful lawn in the neighborhood. The thing is, no one was ever allowed to set foot on the lawn because his wife was afraid of the chemicals used to make the lawn look so good; the husband was afraid of crushing the grass after his wife spent so much money on it.

Gifts are only good if the person who them. That’s why so many people end up returning gifts as soon as the holiday is over. When you are out shopping this year, give that a thought as you make your purchases.  Don’t feel so obligated to give a gift that you pick something that won’t be used. The worst gifts are holiday themed sweaters and clothing. While many people think they’re funny, they only get worn once a year, if at all.

Gadgets aren’t always the best choice either; electric backscratcher anyone? One year we got an ice cream shaker; it’s a ball that you fill with ice and rock salt. There’s a small canister inside to hold the ingredients. You shake the ball and pass it around. It took forever to make the ice cream and boy were our arms tired! We couldn’t get it open; when we finally did it was good, but not as much fun as it sounded like it would be. It sits unused on a shelf; we keep saying we’ll try it again, but the memory of the arm pain lives forever. One good thing is that you could develop a workout routine with the ice cream as a reward; I guarantee you won’t get enough ice cream to outweigh the exercise.

Another gift that will keep on giving for years to come is a contract for termite control in Phoenix. You may make the purchase for yourself; perhaps you’ll buy that gift for your parents or grandparents who can’t afford it on a fixed income. Termite inspections and preventative measures are a great way to show that you care. Check with your family to find out which pest control management company they already use and then contact them to find out about paying for a month, a quarter or even the whole year. The best gifts don’t always come in a box, but they always come from the heart.


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