AP Photo:Thibault CamusPest Control in France:

An Honored Profession

The Mole Catcher to the King

Pest control in France is a time honored profession and the role of Mole catcher to the King was once handed down from father to son. King Louis XIV was the infamous king who reportedly ran France into the ground in the 1600’s with his lavish spending. Many films have been made and the quote “Let them eat cake” is often attributed to his wife, Marie Antoinette. The court was moved to the Palace in Versailles under Louis’ reign and the gardens absorbed much of the money spent. The problem then became upkeep, and moles would not be tolerated. Louis not only appointed a family to carry out the task of mole catching, but appointed them a residence in Versailles as well.

The current mole catcher said that he tried poisons and other traps but finally went back to a tried and true method of catching the elusive and destructive moles.

According to Associated Press reporter Thomas Adamson on December 4th, 2012

At Versailles, large mounds of earth mark out the path of the mole’s underground kingdom, in which Dormion sets dozens of archaic-looking traps featuring two metal prongs that smash together to break the rodent’s neck.

“It resembles a guillotine,” says Dormion with a wry smile. He tried poison for a while, but decided the contraption invented in the 1600s was the best, not to mention most faithful to the historic role.

The moles have been residing in Europe for 40 million years, and according to zoologists a single mole can dig 30 molehills a day. Their underground existence has left them practically blind and they are often depicted as wearing glasses in children’s literature.

I had my own experience with a mole which came into my house during winter. I was sure that I heard scraping and scratching, but was told it was my imagination. One night as I was in the bath, I saw a pair of whiskers wiggle under the door; then the little fuzzy thing flattened until it could slide under. It scampered across the floor and fell down a gap in the wall behind the sink; presumably back to the basement where he made his grand entrance. We never saw or heard the mole again, so we guessed he went back to the nearby field from which he’d come.

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