New Ideas in Pest Control:

Everything Old is New Again


A long time ago when mankind first started trying to get rid of pests they were  paying attention to what was going on around them. This probably started at the dawn of agriculture, when men turned their hands to farming. If certain bugs  avoided a certain plant, then you could be sure that plant was unappealing to the pest.

As people spread out and agriculture was on the rise, they shared their knowledge about their own problem pests. Some used cinnamon or cayenne pepper as a barrier to pests. People still use ivory liquid and water, this sprayed on garden plants acts as a natural repellent.

Over the years our scientists came up with sprays that could be spread over large areas and crop dusting became a normal occurrence. Pest control specialists were taught to scale down the same chemicals for use in homes, and many of the natural controls were forgotten.

When people began to question the chemical methods of pest control, they found that long term use of these chemicals could harm the environment. Many of the original chemical methods of pest control were now unacceptable for use. They were banned because of contaminating the soil of the water supply.

Today’s pest control technicians have been trained in the use of chemicals that are environmentally friendly. Many of these chemicals have come from proprietary blends that use chrysanthemums, citrus oil, cedar and pine extracts. Once the scientists learned that their insecticides were harmful they had no choice but to go back to methods that had been used for thousands of years.

Pest control in Tempe is well versed in environmentally friendly options for your property. The first priority for licensed specialists is your well-being and your peace of mind. The evaluation of your needs will include your needs as a family as well as the environmental controls in place in your area. Pest control involves knowing what types of insects are common in your area and looking at your family’s health. People with asthma or other respiratory conditions will need a specialized approach. Families with pets or small children will have similar concerns. Your local professional can come up with a customized pest control plan, just for you.

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