Mosquito Catchers:

Dispatched to Trap Viral Pests


The mosquito catchers in Pune are a different breed of pest control technicians. Pune Municipal Corporation is responsible for keeping the area  safe from disease carrying pests. Their pest control department includes men who are trained and equipped as Mosquito catchers. These men risk disease themselves in order to keep the citizens safe.

The idea is to go into areas where mosquitos are reported and catch some to send to the lab where the mosquitoes are tested for three different diseases. If a virus is detected then the mosquito catchers go back to spray for the mosquitoes.

Their goal is to catch fifteen mosquitoes from five different locations each day. There are approximately twenty-five workers who carry out this task, starting work at 6:30 in the morning. One gentleman who has been doing this job for ten years said that the equipment includes a torch, glass tubes and a torch, what we call a flashlight. The men shine the light in dark areas to spot the mosquito and then the use a hose to “suck” up the insect. The tubing is covered with mesh to keep the mosquito catchers from swallowing the insects.

Once the mosquito is caught they deposit the specimen in a glass test tube to be sent to the National Institute of Virology for testing. If a case of malaria, chikungunya or dengue is detected then the men come back and fumigate the location. All of these diseases are common in Asia and Africa among some other areas. The mosquitoes that carry these diseases can breed in clean or dirty water. The malaria mosquitoes bite at night, but the other two can bite during the day.

The technicians do not receive any protective gear and only the contracted workers have insurance in case they are bitten and get sick. One technician said that many people are afraid they will be sprayed if they allow access to their homes and this creates a problem. Workers are assigned to go to five houses a day and when showing identification is not enough to gain entry that can pose additional delays.

This is another reason to be thankful that we live in the USA. We can call the company of our choice for mosquitoes or any other pests that take up residence in our homes. Termite control in Mesa is your one stop source for pest problems in Arizona. You can call for your free termite inspection and get a personalized plan to protect your property and your family.



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