Insect Eating:

The Annual Lunch at Washington State


“Insects and People” is a course offered at Washington State University by Professor Richard Zack.  The upcoming November 9th luncheon will be open to students as well as the public to give people a chance to “Live like the other half lives.” Held in the “Ensminger Pavilion” from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM, the luncheon will give visitors a chance to try some interesting recipes that use  insects as ingredients. People eat insects in many other countries and some consider them a protein source and a staple of their diet.

On the menu is Cricket Chili, along with Mealworm Tacos and assorted honey sweetened pastries. Attendees may also feast on honey comb which contains beeswax, considered by many to be “nature’s food.”

Just in case there are visitors who cant stomach the exotic fare, cricket free chili and insect free tacos will also be available. The professor says that he actually ate termites when he visited Africa and claims they aren’t that bad. I wonder if that also means they aren’t that good.

Entomologists like Professor Zacks are sure to teach their students about every aspect of entomology, including the insects place in the food chain. Japan and Thailand use insects as ingredients or ground up as seasonings. Chinese food and medicines have used spiders, ants and even scorpions; Africans may eat termites, caterpillars and grasshoppers to supplement their need for protein. Imagine telling the people of the United States to eat the very insects they are trying to protect their crops, gardens and homes from. Birds do it, don’t they… Yuck.

I won’t be eating any caterpillars if I can help it, at least not if I know about it. There is speculation that humans eat insects without even knowing it, in their sleep or on a windy motor cycle ride. I try to sleep with my mouth closed and always kept it closed on the motorcycle as well. If I’ve eaten any bugs in my lifetime, I hope that’s all over for me now.

As nutritious and delicious as all of that sounds, you probably have no desire to add an extra source of protein to your daily diet either. To make sure you aren’t farming a feast of termites in your home or on your property there are other options besides dinner recipes. Contact your local termite treatment in Arizona and have them check it out for you. The initial termite inspection is free and you’ll learn the best ways to protect your home and property from some unwanted “livestock.”

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