Important Links in the Food Chain:

Termites and Worms



Specialists in biodiversity were voicing their concerns at this month’s United Nations conference. The Convention on Biological Diversity was held in Hyderabad, India and the environmentalists voiced their concerns on soil as a living organism.

Worms aerate the soil increasing the volume of air by thirty percent and the water capacity by forty percent. You don’t have to be a farmer to know that the worms are good for the soil. It was further attested that lichens, termites and microbes in the soil are necessary for biodiversity and without them food production will eventually collapse.

The plight being discussed is the ever growing popularity of using chemicals to increase crop production, but the chemicals can’t nurture the soils. When the chemicals strip the soil of nature’s friends that add nutrients and help the roots absorb those nutrients then something is wrong with our system.

As the population grows and places more demands on the agricultural community, the scientists have tried to beat nature with chemicals that fertilize the soil by artificial means. I remember being taught in school that farmers rotate their crops to give the soil a chance to become productive again. Sometimes even planting something different will help. Sometimes farmers would plow part of their crop back into the ground to nourish the land. In Southern Asia the rice farmers “give back” a portion of their crop to nourish the soil for the following year.

The experts went on to say that we need a wide variety and diversity of plants, animals, microbes and insects for our land to become increasingly productive instead of what is happening now. Right now we lose about twenty million tons of food production each year and that number grows exponentially as more land becomes a “dead zone.”

This is why, even when we must get rid of termites in Gilbert, we must be responsible and use green products or chemicals that cause a minimal ecological impact. Of course we want to get rid of our termite problem, but not at the expense of our own plants and gardens. It’s good to know that your professionals in Arizona understand the needs of the homeowner and their land.




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