Hawaii Opens Her Arms:

The Islands Welcome Eco Red Shield


Hawaii is a land of dreams for those of us who have never been there. Beautiful sandy beaches, ocean breezes, exotic foods, and lilting music lures tourists from far and near. It is this beauty that is meant to be preserved by the laws that control building, renovation and rebuilding after the elements do their damage.

Hawaii has some of the strictest construction laws with regard to materials of any of the fifty states. Sometimes these laws can mean higher costs but the laws are put I place to preserve the heritage of the historical buildings as well. That is what makes the announcement in the Sacramento Bee, that Eco-Red Shield coatings have been approved for use in Hawaii, such a big deal. This isn’t the sort of thing that happens every day, nor does it happen to just any company.

Hawaii has kept the same standards for wood construction for decades, using Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate pressure treatment methods to prevent rot and decay. Many states dealing with subterranean and Formosan termite damage have recommended the usage of pressure treated wood. That was, of course, before a viable alternative could be created. Eco Red Shield is more than just a viable alternative as it is fire rated for one hour and mold resistant as well.

Eco Red Shield will be applied to the materials before shipping to protect the wood products during the ocean voyage. This is a boon to Eco Building Products Inc. that the manufacturer hopes will bring widespread growth; Hawaii’s approval could mean a future international market.

Protecting our homes is always paramount when selecting building products. As new advances are made in the industry it’s an additional way to protect our investment and our families. You can’t go back in time and build your home of superior materials but you can still protect your investment and your family with a termite inspection in Phoenix. The initial inspection is free and you will gain peace of mind plus a personalized plan to protect your home and your investment.



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