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Though termites cause large amounts of damage to your home, they cannot bite or sting and have never been directly known to cause disease or illness.

No Species Cause Disease

Termites are six-legged insects. They build their colonies in wood or underground, subsisting on the cellulose found in various types of wood. Four species of termite make their homes in the United States: damp-wood, dry-wood, subterranean and Formosan termites. But none of these species of termites have been known to carry disease or illness.

Know Your Termite Species

Damp-wood termites make their homes in damp, outdoor wood. Dry-wood termites prefer to build nests in structural wood found in buildings. Subterranean termites make their homes in trees and decks, as well as the foundations of houses. Formosan termites, got their nickname “Super Termite,” from the aggressiveness they’ve been known to show when they demolish wood, plastic, and plaster, thin copper, and even lead flashing.

Indirect Termite Illness

Termite infestations have been known to indirectly cause severe allergic reactions and asthmatic attacks. The heat and ventilation systems found in homes also play a role – blowing loose any particles or debris that have been chewed by termites. The dust can be spread around quickly by these systems – thus causing allergic reactions. Exposure to nests made of saliva, wood, feces, and soil can also contribute to people prone to allergies and asthmatic attacks.


Chemicals used in termiticides and pesticides can also cause illness. Consulting with a trained and licensed exterminator can help ensure the safety of your family. A professional will be able to correctly install the treatment.


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