Subterranean termites are very common species to Arizona. And there are a wide variety of termite treatments available to help remove this species. It will be difficult to know which one will work the best for your house, but a professional termite exterminator will be able to help you determine. Here’s some information not the treatments available.

Bait and Monitor System

One treatment for Subterranean termites is the Liquid Application with Bait and Monitoring System. A liquid treatment is inserted at all of  the entry points of your home. It is additionally inserted into all of the infested areas of your home. Monitoring stations to detect any termite activity are installed. These stations will be replaced with baiting stations if any termite activity is picked up by the monitoring station.


With Repellent or with Non-Repellent are the two options available for liquid termiticide application treatment. Both options are available for inside and outside use. They are also able to be injected directly into an infested area.

Repellent and Non-Repellent

Repellant termiticide makes the area unappealing to termites and drives termites away from the home. This type of termiticide requires a soil application. Only the termites that come into direct contact with the product will be affected. Termites are not able to detect the non-repellent treatments so they don;t know to avoid the areas. A termite takes the product back to the rest of the colony for feeding.

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