Canadian Groups’ Question:

Why are We Using Banned Pesticides?



The question of environmental safety and health is a global issue. There is often an isolated view when we look at our own family, neighborhood, state or country. This isolated view could be harmful to all of us if we do not accept the findings of scientists and ecologists worldwide. Two environmental groups in Canada are pressing that issue. There are several chemicals used in Canadian pest control products that have been banned in Europe. These two groups want to know why the chemicals have not been investigated and why they are still being used in homes and in rural settings.

Pesticides that are used impact agriculture negatively when a chemical ingredient is known to alter the produce, soil, water, or beneficial insects. Many pesticides have been banned for causing cancer in animals, changing reproduction of beneficial insects or altering the vegetables and grains they are meant to protect. If a product is banned in one country then other countries are obliged to follow suit or at least suspend the usage of the product until it has undergone further investigation. It’s up to us, the people of our individual territory, to ask the questions and to press the issue.

Chemical companies generally produce a massive quantity of approved chemicals for pest control, industrial cleaning and scientific research facilities. It stands to reason that these companies have a lot to lose if a ban is imposed on one chemical that they produce. The factories often have barrels of these chemicals ready to ship to fill orders. If there is a ban in Europe but not in Canada or the United States, then the company may continue to sell that product. If the ban is worldwide the company has an awful lot of a product that they cannot sell, and the disposal of those chemicals may require oversight by the EPA. Some companies are even forced to buy back unused quantities that have already been sold.

Thankfully your expert pest control in Gilbert involves a professional who knows the environmental restrictions placed on chemical usage. Licensed pest control professionals are trained to use the least effective amount of chemical protection and only when absolutely necessary.




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