Arizona Pests: The Bark Scorpion


I read an article about the Bark Scorpion that included “Fun Facts” and I am here to tell you, there are no fun facts about these creatures. No I am not here to demonize the scorpion, of course not. I am not fond of scorpions because they sting and have pincers.  I am less fond of Bark Scorpions because their sting is highly poisonous. If they were not toxic to humans then maybe I would say there are “Fun Facts” and that would be the first one.

Bark Scorpions are common in the Southwest with some seen as far east as Texas. They love cool dark places and as the Southwest is usually a bright hot place, these guys hide during the day. Like many pests in Arizona, they are most active in the cooler evening hours. They can be seen more easily with an ultraviolet light because chemicals on their shells glow neon green.

The Bark Scorpion gets its name from the habit to hide beneath things, like the tree bark, and for its propensity for climbing trees. Bark Scorpions are purportedly the only scorpion that does climb trees. Because of this a natural point of home entry is the attic. Tree branches that overhang a roof are the culprit, not the scorpion. The bark scorpion would rather not be in your attic, but once it gets in it becomes trapped. They get in through the smallest opening in your roof, so keeping your roof in good repair and tree branches away from your home may be all you have to do to keep them where they belong.

The Bark Scorpion is characterized by a brown color and small claws. They can be two or three inches long, give birth to live young, and carry their babies on their backs. General rule of thumb about scorpions is that the smaller the claws the more toxic the sting. Their normal diet is varied from insects to rodents to owls, most are nocturnal like they are. Because they like dark cool places they have surprised homeowners by getting into basements. If you see a bark scorpion in your home, you need to call a pest control technician.

A free termite inspection includes more than just looking for termites in Chandler. The licensed professional that comes to your home will check for other pests as well, even the Bark Scorpion. Your inspector will show you the areas of your home that require attention, to make sure your welcome mat is not out for any Arizona pest.





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