Imagine my surprise last night as I scrolled through the television programs available on demand through my cable provider and found a show called “Infested.”  I love Animal planet so it was beyond my control; I had to choose an episode to watch. I thought the one about Possums would be rather benign. I’ve had my share of run ins with these fellows, and usually if you leave them alone they won’t bother you. These nocturnal creatures usually avoid people; they like to knock over the trash cans but that’s about it. Imagine my surprise to find out the affected resident of a possum infestation developed typhus!

That wasn’t the worst of the show, and as advertised, this show is not for the faint of heart. In the same episode was a bark scorpion infestation in Texas, and a problem with bird mites in a California home. Normally I’m pretty good with these types of reality shows. The homeowner is recounting their story while actors do the reenactment. It’s not as if it would make you emotional…

The next thing you know I am up watching this show, yelling at the screen, “You went back? What are you crazy?” Then I thought of my own situation. If I were faced with the same problem, where would I go? Oh, of course I have friends, neighbors and family, but eventually you have to go back home.

The part that got me the worst was the family who had the bird mites. While they did everything they could, they were only renting the home.  I kept thinking “you called the wrong people.” When the pest control measures didn’t work. They were so happy with their new rental before seeing these little creatures no bigger than a speck of pepper. When they moved out they left behind most of their belongings, afraid that the mites would move with them. It’s a good thing that they were only renting and had not purchased the home.

It’s a great show and I highly recommend it. The only thing is that once you watch an episode two things happen. First the show becomes addictive and you just can’t look away, no matter how bad it gets. The second thing that happens is you call your pest control professional and schedule a home inspection for local pests.

Termite inspections in Scottsdale are free and the specialists are trained to look out for all of our local pests in Arizona. I give “Infested” on Animal Planet four stars. I give five stars to our Arizona licensed pest control professionals.



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