When a termite is on the hunt for cellulose and it comes in contact with a structure, chances are they will find a way to tunnel through to get to that cellulose.

Termites as Acrobats

Termites would make great acrobats! They can just about get through anything – they can squeeze through tiny cracks or holes. They get through plumbing, utility openings, expansion joints, an even tiny cracks in slab foundations.  Subterranean termites only need a tiny opening – as small as 1/32-inch- to be able to get to the structural supports of your home – that’s the size of a paperclip!

Small and Destructive

Because termites are so small, and so capable of sneaking into your home, they can cause extensive amounts of damage without providing any signs. It’s crucial that you keep your eyes open for any signs, but ask equally important that you schedule a termite inspection to be done at least once a year on your property. These are usually free – the best price you can pay for peace of mind!

Not Always Easy to Rid Your House

Unfortunately, Subterranean termites (one of the breeds commonly found in Arizona) are not easily chased away.  Once they build a colony on your property they will travel far and wide in order to provide for that colony. What that means is they will travel up through your home and foundation to get to the cellulose that is needed to support the nutritional needs of the nest. And seeing as they’re so small, and able to fit through any cracks, chances are they’ve figured out a way to get in – even if you can’t figure out how they got in. An experienced pest professional can properly address a termite infestations well as the treatment you’ll need.


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